19 Nov 2019
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6 Office Life Videos So Accurate You’d Swear They Spied on You!

Corporate life can be tough. With multiple deadlines, consolidated work, and colleague dynamics, sometimes you’re left shaking your head and wondering how day-to-day office life got so surreal.
So we collected some of our favourite vids about work life that cure our office blues. They’re called clichés for a reason, right?

Interviews can be so bizarre…

Ever have a negotiation where you’re really not sure what happened, but you’re pretty sure it wasn’t what you planned? Yeah, it looks something like this.

Phoning it in to a conference call …

We can’t live without them, but there are just so many pitfalls with conference call etiquette it’s hard to sum them up … that is, until we found this video, which is utterly perfect.

There’s always that one colleague …

… who insists they know more about your expertise than you do. If these know-it-alls weren’t so ridiculous, you’d cry. Instead, you can just laugh it off, knowing that we’ve all been there.

Don’t forget the cover page on your TPS Report…

They say it’s all in the details – but does that really mean we need to get hypervigilant about things like cover pages on reports? Apparently we do. We’ve all had – or heard about – a manager like this one.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Of all the hilarious videos, we think this one is actually the most impressive and hilarious account of the usual 9 to 5. The fact that an actual work team created the office workers’ theme song video together, though? Priceless (and that’s probably a place worth working at!). Spin those swivel chairs, you guys!

When in doubt …

Sometimes, when these videos just don’t cut it, there’s only one thing left to do. We present to you what the internet was made for: cat videos. Even CNN says they’re good for you.

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