18 Sep 2020
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6 Reasons Softphones & Cloud PBX Systems Are a Smart Business Decision

You are no longer tethered to hardware. Your office needs flexibility. You need flexibility. Thankfully, a cloud PBX system with softphone technology lets you have an office in a box. What do we mean by softphone technology? Well, a softphone is just a computer program that lets you make calls over the internet instead of a dedicated piece of hardware.  

A cloud-based phone system is hosted off-site and managed by a service provider. As a result, business owners and managers no longer need to spend a lot of money or time to run a reliable phone system with enterprise-level features and functionality. Here’s why softphones run over a cloud PBX are a smart business decision.  

Softphones Are Inherently Mobile 

Want employees to move from an office workspace to a home workspace seamlessly? Then they shouldn’t be tied down by hardware. By using a hosted PBX system with softphone features, employees can take calls wherever they have a device, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. By using features like hunt groups or Find Me Follow Me, calls can reach employees wherever they are, and keep in mind that phone lines can be added or removed as required. 

The Cloud Makes Management Simple

Instead of putting their hands on every piece of hardware, administrators can make system changes and additions remotely. IT should be focusing on higher priority issues, not spending time doing phone system maintenance. With cloud technology, they can control phone function and setup online, even for remote workers. In fact, no advanced IT work is required—any phone user can do it.

Softphones Bring Recruiting Benefits

Want to recruit beyond your regular geographic area? Or want to attract employees who want the option to work remotely? The flexibility afforded by softphones will let you access an even greater talent pool. 

Softphones & the Cloud Lower Your Footprint

With remote workers, you can have a smaller office space, thus lowering your carbon footprint. With virtual fax solutions, document sharing, and virtual meetings, you can reduce paper waste. With softphones, you cut down on hardware waste. And with all these things, you lower travel costs and carbon emissions. Softphones and cloud technology help lower your footprint—carbon, paper, and waste. 

Softphones & the Cloud Make Moving the Office Simple

Uninstalling, moving, and reinstalling an entire phone system is a major task with old hardware. But with softphones and cloud technology, it can be done with a few mouse clicks. The IT staff doesn’t even need to be in the room. Whether you’re moving a branch or scaling up the business, you can enjoy the better adaptability softphones and the cloud provide. 

Softphones & the Cloud Are a Good Option Instead of Fixing Legacy Systems

If you have a legacy premise-based hardware and phone system, you know that maintenance can be both time-consuming and expensive. If your system is on its last legs and becoming too much of a challenge, remember that deploying a cloud-based PBX with softphones is an easy option. 

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