06 May 2021
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7 Reasons Why Voicemail Is Still Around

Some people don’t really like voicemail. In fact, some people think it’s dead. But voicemail isn’t dead. In fact, there are plenty of good reasons to use voicemail in a business context.

The Human Touch

A certain amount of communication gets lost over email or text. Some people don’t communicate tone well, others write badly, and others don’t write much at all. The human voice is able to communicate things beyond words. In a voicemail, you get a sense of your caller’s emotional state. You get a more personalised message. You don’t get face-to-face contact, but you get a step closer to it than email or text. That’s what makes voicemail so valuable.


When you leave a voicemail, you can include as many details as you want. Leaving a message with a third party doesn’t allow for as many details.


Some people like leaving voicemail messages. More accurately, they like the option. Whether it’s because they’ve been doing it for 20+ years or because they think they speak better than they text, it’s important to give these people the option, especially given that they may be your clients, your co-workers, or your boss.

Your Personal Brand

The voicemail greeting you record is another part of your public facing brand. Granted it’s a small part, especially compared to your LinkedIn page or other social media, but an important part nonetheless.


Some things shouldn’t be said to third parties, such as secretaries. And if confidentiality is a problem, remember that it’s easy for messages to be spotted by wandering eyes. A message jotted down in a notebook left open at a desk or a notification on an idle screen can easily be seen. With a voice message left in an inbox that requires a PIN to access, you have a better assurance that what should be confidential remains confidential.  

No Holds

In an ideal world, clients, co-workers, and others would be able to reach you when they need. In the real world, you’re busy. If you’re busy, a voicemail lets someone explain what they need from you. After all, if they chose to call instead of send an email, presumably it was for an important reason. Given that, it’s important to give them an opportunity to explain what that is.

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