22 Nov 2022
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Cloud Contact Centre: The Ideal Platform for the Remote Work Era

Customer service in 2022 is a high stakes endeavour where expectations are high from the customers’ point of view. Customers want to be served 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days out of the year. Downtime? Not anymore.

And customers expect ten different ways of reaching you. Over the phone, email, SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn—and the list goes on. How do you run your business at top performance with the right contact centre solution to staff, manage, and support a top-notch customer experience?

As a provider, we have written a lot about cloud contact centre solutions, but recent trends and challenges have increased the appeal and net benefits of opting for a cloud-based platform.

The Rise of Customer Expectations

A recent report from Intercom says that 73% of customer support leaders say customer expectations are increasing. Meanwhile, only 42% of those same leaders also say that they’re meeting customer expectations. Ouch.

Customers in 2022 are expecting more. Reliance on technology for shopping and service has only grown during the pandemic. Customers have come to expect a seamless and easy customer support experience. On top of that, customers compare their support experience at one company with every other company. Customers aren’t saying, “Well, two hours to chat with someone is bad but it’s okay for an airline.” They’re saying, “Two hours to chat with someone is bad and I don’t put up with that anywhere else.”

So how do you get a seamless and easy customer support experience? A cloud contact centre is the best way to get there.

Appeal & Adoption of Remote Work

61% of workers prefer remote work and they’ll choose that option even when they can go back to an office. Instead of fretting about the end of the office, why not embrace it? You don’t need a big call centre for your support workers anymore. By using a cloud contact centre, your support workers can be in as many places as your customers.

Labour Shortages

Speaking of support workers, who do you think has an easier time recruiting: the company that needs 100 support workers to sit at desks in Toronto, or the company who needs 100 support workers but they can sit at desks anywhere in Canada?

There’s a labour shortage in Canada and economists are saying it’ll last longer than a possible recession. While the reasons for the labour shortage are complex and beyond the scope of this post, it’s worth pointing out that workers want to work remotely, so why not let them? With a cloud contact centre, it’s easier to do this than ever before.

The Speed of Technology Changes

Here’s a little taste of the coolest technology available to cloud contact centre users. Omni-channel interactions lets users contact you via multiple channels, platforms, and devices. Real-time analytics lets you see data as it happens and lets you adjust your approach as necessary. Journey mapping is a way of seeing how your customer moves through your customer support network. Unified communications lets you integrate all your communication methods, front end and back end.

New products and services such as these roll out all the time. They get updated quickly. They are serviced constantly. All this is possible because they’re cloud based. Companies need new communication services all the time, and if they want them to roll out fast, then a cloud contact centre is simply the best platform.


When do we want something? Now. Right now. We—you, your customers, your potential customers, your employees, your potential employees—want things done now. Customers want instant gratification. Everyone is always connected thanks to smartphones, the internet, and digital-forward customer service, so customers know that instant gratification is possible. The question is: can you provide instant gratification, or will your customers go to businesses who can?

Final Words

You need a modern contact centre solution to connect your remote workers to your customers who want instant gratification. It must be seamless, easily push out the latest and greatest updates and services, and meet rising customer expectations. You’re looking for a cloud contact centre.

ThinkTel has helped hundreds of Canadian companies and organizations modernize their contact centres. We leverage cloud-based solutions to deliver the most current features and functionalities.

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