16 Apr 2021
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Shopping for Contact Centre Software? You Need These 5 Game-Changing Features

The best cloud-based contact centres can do many things. That’s why we say they’re “contact” centres and not “call” centres. The right Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) gives your customers more than one way to reach you. Consider these five game-changing features when you’re shopping for your next contact centre.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

There are customers who would rather get their information fast without having to speak to someone. For these customers, IVR helps with easy and straight forward queries (e.g. “ to check your account balance press 1, to pay a bill press 2) by facilitating a self-serve option without using up the time of a live agent. Ask a potential partner if their IVR has tools with step-by-step guidance that can assist you in the design of interactive voice responses in less than 10 minutes.

Omni-Channel Routing

Omni-channel routing puts the customer in contact with the right agent to handle the customer’s specific need. Imagine a single queue for all incoming messages. Pretty inefficient, right? Now imagine there’s a feature that can understand each message’s intent and priority and then direct them to the proper agent, addressing a specific message in order of priorities you define, regardless of whether it comes in the form of a call, text, live chat, or more. That’s why you want to ask about omni-channel routing.

Agent Scheduling & Quality Assurance

If you have ever worked in a call centre environment, you know that raising the bar on the customer journey impacts reputation. To make the customer journey shorter and more pleasant, you need the right tools to monitor, evaluate, and improve agent performance and ensure that customer care staffing is sufficient to handle peak volume.

Dynamic Notifications

Endless call wait times and voicemails can be avoided. With dynamic notifications, your agents have the power to send outbound voice, SMS, and email notifications so you can contact your customers using their preferred method of communication. You may even surprise them with greatness and beat your competitors at the customer service game.

Contact Centre Analytics & Reporting

Let’s be clear: you want real time monitoring. A proper dashboard can monitor real time activity, which is important because activity can spike at a moment’s notice and you don’t want to let wait times spike too. Imagine that wait times go through the roof because of an unforeseen weather disaster. You want to make a decision to increase the number of live agents as soon as you get the data and not days later when you’re evaluating your performance. And speaking of evaluating your performance, custom and pre-defined reports track agent performance and queue activity metrics for strategic decision-making to help you identify patterns.

Contact Centre as a Service Is the Right Choice

Unlike traditional on-premises systems, the right cloud contact centre can be up and running in a matter of days, not months. Using a CCaaS platform, you will always have the latest and most recent tool upgrades and technology at your fingertips. With no need for pricey on-site hardware, or massive upfront costs, your customer journey becomes seamless.

Businesses and government bodies are under pressure to have efficient interactions with their users. They need to measure everything from customer churn rates to client satisfaction to quality of call resolution and retention efforts. Here’s the good news: the right CCaS has the right mix of features to solve these problems. It only makes sense to upgrade your and your customers’ experience from a call centre to a contact centre right away.

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