19 May 2022
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Dedicated Internet Access Is Built for Business, Here’s Why

If you’re a business, the fast lane is the only lane.

On the consumer side, most shared internet access plans provide faster download speeds than they do upload speeds because consumers tend to download more data from the internet than they upload. But this isn’t necessarily true for businesses. Fast upload speeds are critical for companies with remote workers. And cloud-based applications and VoIP technology rely on fast upload speeds for stable connections and consistent data transfer. You want dedicated internet access that includes synchronous upload and download speeds—meaning that your bandwidth guarantees the same upload and download speeds. A dedicated internet access (DIA) plan ensures that you receive a matching (or “symmetrical”) speed on both downloads and uploads.

Network Security Is More Important Than Ever

Dedicated internet access uses a private network connection, whereas shared internet access uses a public connection. Your network is more vulnerable on a public connection. Companies that deal with sensitive data tend to use DIA for the added security. Obviously, keeping your network secure is essential. DIA keeps your network separate from other networks, which helps enhance overall cybersecurity. Because you won’t be as concerned about other networks being attacked and consuming more than their fair share of bandwidth or launching attacks against yours via your ISP, you will have more time to focus on improving the security of your other digital vulnerabilities.


“Oh well, the internet is just always slow here!”

We can get used to a lot of things. If you currently use broadband internet service, are your employees complacent about slow upload speeds, jitter, and data loss?

But how much time are your employees losing? What regular workflows are impacted?

It’s time to take a hard look at the productivity and potential revenue gains that dedicated internet access can deliver. Better application performance is just the beginning. Choosing DIA will deliver more reliable cloud-based application performance.

Are the number of video meetings increasing? Even remote desktop connections will perform better when using dedicated internet access. More organizations are using cloud-based applications than ever before to conduct business. Do you use Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, HubSpot, Cisco Webex? These applications depend on stable internet connections.

Redundancy for Hybrid Work Connections

Unified Communications cannot work if connections are poor. How many of your colleagues complain about their access from home?

A New York Times article referred to poor Wi-Fi as the number one tech issue for home offices. Having a reliable DIA connection available at the office when employees experience outages—or slow connectivity—from broadband providers is an essential backup tool to ensure operational continuity.

When You Spend More, You Get More

When you upgrade your internet service from shared access to dedicated access, your provider’s service requests become a top priority, and you will receive a much greater level of service. How long have you waited to receive support from your internet service provider when there is an outage on a shared internet connection? It’s not unusual to wait two to three business days for an issue with your ISP to be resolved. A dedicated internet connection gives you the peace of mind of having access to a reliable connection all the time.

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