21 May 2021
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So, A Digital Marketing Agency Changed Their Phone System…

The team at Kuration stays up-to-date on the latest digital trends. As a digital marketing agency, they must—not only in order to help their clients position their brand, but also to run their own business. To be effective, they need the right phone system for their structure and work style.

Working with ThinkTel, the commercial services division of Distributel, they explored a softphone powered phone solution. After becoming familiar with the hosted phone system platform, they found it to be a perfect fit. Here are just a few of the benefits Kuration found in switching to a ThinkTel hosted PBX solution.

Cost Savings

When trying to run a business across different provinces, countries, and continents, it can feel like the large telecommunications giants erect massive cost barriers in the form of excessive long distance charges. The complexity of figuring out how not to pay $1,000 a month in long distance is something with which many agencies struggle. With a team spread across Brazil, the UK, and Canada, not to mention clients in these countries and even further afield, Kuration realized savings of 75% on their long distance bills.


Why should remote work be a barrier to staying connected? Collaboration tools, including the ability to seamlessly host meetings and share documents, break down those barriers and ensure connectivity between Kuration’s team members, even when they’re separated by thousands of kilometres and multiple time zones.

Professional Image

For many of Kuration’s customers, their phone number is the first point of contact, and a hosted PBX solution offers a professional experience to Kuration’s clients. No matter where in the world they’re calling from, they’ll find a phone lobby that has that big company feel, which matters when building trust and confidence. This just goes to show: you can have a small team and deliver powerful solutions and go head-to-head with lager players.


Kuration focuses on their business—not their phone system. When transitioning Kuration to their new phone system, ThinkTel ensured a training session, demonstrating the power of a softphone. When describing how switching to the system felt, Kuration’s VP of Operations, Christine Shah, said simplicity was the one word that could summarize her experience: “It was simple to learn thanks to a great free training session and is simple to use day to day.”

Leveraging an app, the softphone powers unified communications features like chat and presence. These create a seamless bond for people working on different continents. Clients might not even notice that the Kuration team is not sitting in one office in Toronto. But with the right platform, unified communication is accessible to teams of fewer than 10 people.

Automated Attendant

Having a virtual receptionist in the form of an automated attendant is another perk that the team enjoys. Knowing that all calls are handled 24 hours a day, independent of time zones, is a huge relief. An auto-attendant answering system handles your inbound calls the same way an in-house, full time human receptionist would. It offers greetings, directs callers, and takes messages. 

Final Thoughts

Hosted PBX can fit many business models and ThinkTel prides themselves on finding the right fit for a business. What is your business model? How does the team work? How many people are you today and are you hiring more this year? Where do they live? Do you require a lot of long distance? The answers to these questions will help us find the right technology to power your business.

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