22 Dec 2021
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Essential Office Party Technology

We’re not saying that you need a photo booth, a game console, and a frozen margarita machine. But you have to do something at an office party besides drink wine and eat bon bons, so you might as well do something fun, right? 

Photo Booth 

Everyone’s snapping selfies for the gram, so why fight it? Bring in a photo booth and provide some props—funny hats, boas, moustaches on sticks. If you don’t want to shell out for a photo booth, maybe set up a picture area with a nice backdrop. Or a green screen, which can become any backdrop. 

Karaoke Machine

Let’s be real: you don’t need that much talent to do karaoke. Nearly anyone can do a decent rendition of “Love Shack” after a pint and a half, and any group of three to six can sing a halfway decent version of “Don’t Stop Believing.” 

A Game Console & 4 Controllers

Bring a Nintendo Switch, four controllers, and a copy of the newest Mario Party. Boom, now you have a game that even someone who never plays video games can play and potentially win. Or bring a copy of Smash and have a tournament. Or a copy of Mario Kart and do the same thing. After all, what could be better than launching a blue shell at your boss?

A Dance Dance Revolution Pad

Points if you’re old-school enough to still have one of these that works. And if you still have the requisite PS1, PS2, or Wii that can run the game. If you don’t but you’re intrigued, you can check this buying guide. Or if you want the same energy but without actual dancing, you can figure out some Guitar Hero / Rock Band peripheral controllers. 

A Whole Pile of Zoom Backgrounds

Doing a virtual party? Pick a festive background. Sure, it’s not as much fun as an in-person gathering, but a virtual background ensures you won’t have to clean the part of your house that’ll be on webcam. 

Analog Cameras 

Maybe instead of taking a bunch of snaps on phones and spending a bunch of time editing, curating, and posting them, just hand out instant cameras. Or even—gasp!—single-use cameras. With instant cameras, you can hand out pictures instantly or even put them up on a picture board. With single-use cameras, you can gather ’round in a few weeks when you get the pictures back and relive the fun. 

Frozen Margarita Machine

Listen, we know that frozen margarita machines don’t make super-authentic bespoke margaritas. But they’re delicious. Frozen margaritas are basically Slurpees for grownups and we like them.

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