06 May 2019
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Has Your B2B Voice Service Provider Vanished? 5 Great Reasons to Switch to ThinkTel

Change, change, change. It’s the one constant in the telecommunications business. Anyone familiar with our segment of the b2b technology sector in Canada can testify to the highs and lows. Brands seem to come and go, expand and contract, or merge every day. For customers, all that change can create uncertainty, even concern, especially when it impacts their level of service or ongoing support.

At ThinkTel, we know that life’s too short to worry about your b2b voice service vanishing in thin air. We believe businesses need more certainty, not less, when it comes to their technology mix. You need partners you can count on to deliver the services your people need to operate, 24/7/365, especially when it comes to a reliable voice service.

After all, voice matters! If you think about it, voice plays an essential role in business operations, every minute of every day. Of course, if you’re reading this post, you probably already know all this by now. So, let’s turn to what you may not know, or at least haven’t considered, with five reasons to switch to ThinkTel.

5 reasons to switch to ThinkTel

#1 Commitment → Is your voice partner in for the long haul? Where will they be in three months or three years? We’re the voice pioneers who’ve remain as committed as ever to expanding Internet-based communication solutions and your business success.

#2 Passion → When you team up with ThinkTel, you benefit from our passion for making technology deliver real value for organizations. We understand the many benefits of the services we deliver to our customers and we’re excited about making magic happen every day.

#3 Innovation → Technology is moving at a breathtaking pace. Rely on our curious and technically-agnostic voice specialists. We partner with the world’s biggest technology companies, including Microsoft and Cisco, to deliver modern voice service solutions.

#4 Security → Make disaster recovery a priority for your organization. Embrace an always-on b2b voice service backed by an unrivaled national network that leverages the global networks of state-of-the-art data centers, including the Microsoft Trusted Cloud.

#5 Support → Make sure you have the customer support experience you deserve by working with a group intent on making you happy and supporting you when you need it the most. Our Business Technical Support team responds to emails promptly. Promise!

Did you know that ThinkTel offers the largest overall coverage in Canada? We have network presences in major cities across the country and a converged IP network powered by Juniper and MetaSwitch.

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