27 Nov 2020
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Is Your Old On-Premise PBX on Its Last Legs?

So, your trusty old PBX has been sitting in your IT closet for years, a verifiable workhorse. Yes, it has served faithfully for years. But all good things must come to an end, and an old on-premise PBX might be costing you money, making your customer experience sub-optimal, or even make you vulnerable to disasters. So, do you need to say goodbye to your own on-premise PBX? Here are a few signs. 

You Are Overpaying

If you make a lot of long-distance calls, it’s important to understand that VoIP calls and PBX calls are billed differently. If you make a VoIP call, your data packets just go a bit further. No muss, no fuss. If you’re making a PBX call, you can be charged by the minute to rent PSTN infrastructure. That means that your cost of ownership is higher if you’re making a lot of long distance calls. 

Poor Customer Experience 

Our world is one of instant communication and immediate resolution. Is your old on-premise PBX capable of integrating IVR or a contact centre solution? If you wanted some of your workers to be more mobile or work remotely, do their numbers follow them, creating a seamless experience for the customer? You need a phone system that lets clients get in touch with you at anytime from anywhere. Can your legacy system do that in a completely unobtrusive way? 

Scaling Is Getting Harder

Does your legacy system have a bunch of recurring fees? Are costs for maintenance, upgrades, and support going up? If you have an on-premise PBX, then you know that a maximum number of users is hardwired into the equipment. Once you pass that number, you need to return to the vendor and get more lines. 

Are you prepared to invest more in an old system? Are you ready to double down on yesterday’s solution? 

You’re Missing Out on New Features

Don’t think that you’ll need to adopt new features right away? Back in April, a whole bunch of workers suddenly became remote workers, and their businesses needed to provide communication options right away. Cloud-based systems are resilient in the age of remote work. Old on-premise PBXs? Not so much. 

Cloud-based phone systems don’t go obsolete in the same way. New features and applications get pushed out in software patches all the time. End-to-end encryption? New portals for managing the system? Virtual meeting software? Why yes, yes please. 

Your Legacy PBX Is Not Disaster-Proof

Smart managers plan for disasters. In the past decade, major Canadian cities have seen floods, ice storms, and fires. A cloud-based phone system ensures you, your workers, and your customers can still communicate. That’s called business continuity, and it can be the difference between bouncing back and fading away. 

So, Is It Time to Say Goodbye? 

Relying on a legacy PBX system is an investment of people, time, and money. Are you willing to spend on new equipment, cabling, and professional installation help? If not, there’s an easier way to have a modern phone system. Look into what a hosted PBX can do for your growth and peace of mind. Make the right call.

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