26 Feb 2020
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How to Supercharge Your Productivity with These 7 Phone Features

You already know that a Hosted PBX solution comes with considerable cost savings, unbelievable flexibility, unmatched scalability, time savings, and excellent support. But did you know that by adding our unified communications package, Accession (MaX UC), to your Hosted PBX solution, you can get powerful productivity tools like presence, messaging, meetings, and document sharing, integrated across all your devices? 

1. Single Number Convenience 

You have an office phone number, but you’re not always at your office. You’re on the road for a sales call, at the airport for a business trip, or in a lobby waiting on a vendor. With Accession (MaX UC), you can use your mobile as though it were your office phone. You can arrange it such that the person you call from your mobile sees your office phone number and you can prevent them from seeing your mobile phone number. This way, you can separate your work life from your personal life, all while using the same phone. Remember the days when you had to carry a work device and a personal one? That might end up as a quaint story you tell the new interns. 

2. Any Device

Maybe you like to manage contacts from your desktop, make phone calls with your smartphone, and conduct video conferences with your tablet. You should be able to select the piece of technology you prefer for the task at hand, right? You shouldn’t be bound to a device you don’t like using just because software demands it.

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why Accession unified communications lets you call from any device, receive calls from any device, transfer calls between any device, upgrades calls to video on any device, integrates contacts on every device . . . well, you get the idea. You have multiple devices that you like using for different tasks and situations, and you shouldn’t be denied your preferences; you should be able to communicate the way you choose seamlessly. 

3. Transfer Whenever You Want

Start a call on Wi-Fi and move it to your cellular service if you’re moving out of Wi-Fi range. Or move your call from cellular to Wi-Fi if you need to share a large file. Did you sit at your desk for a conference call and have it run long? Transfer it to your mobile so you can still listen in while you’re on your way to your next meeting. Just as you should have your device preference, you should be able to change your mind at any time. 

4. Share Documents 

Set up a whiteboard while you’re on a conference call so everyone can see a shared set of notes, or share a document with the group. It should be easy for you to share any document with any contact over any device without any barrier, so that’s how Accession works. 

5. Chat

Shoot a quick message to any contacts on the corporate directory and rest assured they’ll see it, no matter what device you’re using and what device they’re using.  

6. Visual Voicemail 

Here’s how to make messages simple. First, have one message centre for voice messages. And then, make it easy to listen, delete, or respond to messages with the touch of a button. Accession makes this simple, so you have time to direct your productive energy elsewhere. 

7. Manage Calls

What makes all the above features even better? When you can manage them all from one place. And not only does Accession do that, it makes it easy to transfer calls, mute calls, put calls on hold, make three-way calls, and record calls (where it’s legal). 

The Last Word

If you already have Hosted PBX, why not add the powerful productivity tools that unified communications can provide? Accession is easy to set up, reliable, and secure. Best of all, it lets everyone in your company communicate how they want as seamlessly as possible by giving them options and removing barriers. After all, isn’t removing barriers what communication is all about?

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