03 Dec 2020
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Is Your Small Business Growing? It’s Time for a Grown Up Cloud-Based Phone System

Hardware is great, but if you have a small business that’s growing, a cloud-based phone system can give you the rich features you want with the flexibility you need at a price you can afford. What can a hosted PBX solution offer you?

Rapid Deployment 

Hardware installation and in-person deployments can be time-consuming. Even the logistics of organising the installation can take longer than you’d think. By contrast, software based phone systems can be organised and installed in less than a week thanks to their inherent simplicity. When you’re ready to hit the ground running, it’s painful to hold up operations and wait on the deployment of business grade handsets. 


Scalability counts so much more for a small business. Adding five seats to a company with a thousand people is nothing, but adding five seats to a company that only had five yesterday doubles the whole operation. When scaling matters the most, you can leverage a softphone setup that lets you scale rapidly from anywhere. 

Softphone Features

You already have a phone. Your employees already have phones. And tablets. And laptops. And desktops. By using technology like MaX Unified Communications, you can turn any device you have into a business phone with an entire suite of tools, such as instant messaging, visual voicemail, contact integration, call recording, seamless transfer between devices, and more. On top of that, this flexible and scalable platform delivers basic interactive voice response capabilities, giving your potential customers that reassuring big company feel.

Avoid Traditional Big Business Costs

Every penny counts, so why not avoid investing in expensive phone hardware? And why pay for things like long distance? Business grade phone handsets are a great thing, but when you’re small, agile, and need a big bevy of phone features for a low price, starting off with the flexibility of powerful technologies like MaX UC for Desktop and Mobile is a winning shortcut to business class phone features.

Seamless Automated Attendant 

First impressions are important, and if your potential clients first contact with you is by calling and reaching your auto attendant, you want to give the very best auto attendant experience possible. You want something that directs calls intelligently, provides accurate information, and projects a successful and attentive image for your growing customer base. 

All in One Solutions 

If you need your small operation or home office to feel like a bigger outfit or more traditional office, then remember that providers like Thinktel have the flexibility to give small business customers bundling options that deliver a virtual business phone system for home office or small office. Do you need the ability to add VoIP lines? Softphones powered by MaX UC? An auto-attendant that lets you customise hold messages? Instant messaging or presence? Video conferencing? Get this stuff bundled and give your small business the tools of a much bigger company. 

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