21 Apr 2022
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Managed Network as a Service Is Poised for Massive Adoption, Here’s Why

By the end of 2024, on-premises network as a service (NaaS) will be adopted by 15% of all enterprises, up from less than 1% in 2021. That’s the latest prediction from consulting firm Gartner, based on their market research.

A good way to understand NaaS is to look at one of the leading NaaS solutions. One of the most flexible NaaS offerings on the market is from Aruba. ThinkTel chose to partner with Aruba and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to deliver a compelling combination of services for a managed network as a service solution.

As a managed service provider, we have watched our customers struggle to maintain their networks and support their productivity objectives despite seismic changes in the technology sphere. These changes have led to an accelerated adoption timeline for many cloud-based solutions. Managed network as a service offers a host of benefits that companies are beginning to understand. There are factors accelerating the rate of adoption; here are the factors we see affecting organizations we work with.

A New Definition of the Workplace

The office is no longer the office. Sometimes it’s a hub, sometimes it’s a network of home offices, sometimes it’s just a series of Slack or Teams threads. And boardrooms are no longer the default meeting space. Offices are shrinking. Leases are being cancelled. Hybrid workers may be the default worker. And there are companies that don’t own any offices anywhere. They’re called ‘remote first’ businesses and they’re everywhere.

So, all that being said, devices and internet connections are the most important elements for conducting business. The cloud can connect everyone all the time, so it’s apt that managed network as a service is the business model growing in leaps and bounds.

Connectivity & Technology Shifts

Now that there aren’t as many devices living at the office, lots of direct connection hardware is out-dated. New generations of devices can be used outside the office with no loss in connectivity. Thus, NaaS is an appealing option because you can adjust your networking needs to the scale of your business and location of your team. But now that bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and employee-owned mobile devices are being used to access enterprise applications, there is additional pressure on networks, in terms of operating the network, maintaining cybersecurity, and troubleshooting.

Cloud & Hosted Applications

There’s an app out there for every business function. Entrepreneurs are starting businesses from their smartphones. Laptops and mobile devices have set users free to access enterprise applications from anywhere. It’s the dawn of complete convenience. That demand for convenience has led to the growth of software as a service (SaaS). Anytime-anywhere access is expected—customers and your employees want instant access, and nothing less.


COVID-19 has been the major catalyst for driving massive adoption of all these technologies. Some organizations had to move onto the cloud in a matter of weeks. Many organizations found themselves having to shift network priorities to remote access capabilities for the masses quickly. That said, even though the public response to the virus is changing, many of these technology changes will stay. Offices have changed forever.

Final Words

Speak to our experts to understand how we are helping our customers build and manage a secure and resilient network to make their technology journey a smooth one. ThinkTel’s Managed network as a service enables your network deployments to be up and running quickly. You also benefit from the expertise of our seasoned networking professionals who can help streamline your IT planning and implementation phases and leverage the latest networking technologies to ensure you operate at peak efficiency.

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