28 Feb 2022
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Is It Time for a Microsoft Teams Health Check?

The past two years pushed many companies to adopt new ways to collaborate. That’s why many organizations adopted Microsoft Teams quickly. Of course, a quick deployment is not always a smooth one. Lots of organizations face this problem—no one could blame you for rushing if you didn’t get a handle on your Microsoft Teams deployment. With a lack of governance policies, you could be dealing with data sprawl, security risks, and several other issues holding you back from a smooth Teams experience. 

No unified communication platform is perfect or instantly capable of adapting to your business or organization. Maybe the pandemic left you no choice but to deploy Microsoft Teams quickly, without a proof of concept and with no time to train anyone in your organization. But it’s never too late to conduct a health check. An experienced provider can share common user experiences. Here are some common scenarios and approaches to right the ship and enjoy all the amazing functionalities that Microsoft Teams has to offer. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Do a Microsoft Teams Health Check

If you already have Teams but need to optimize your deployment to get everything that Teams promises and more, there are specific professional services that can conduct an MS Teams health check to ensure your deployment is the best that it can be. Even if you think your Teams deployment is secure, there might be vulnerabilities that your network team needs to address. From remote work scenarios with Microsoft Teams to growing companies that had to rapidly accelerate their UC adoption, it’s okay to ask if everything is running as it should be. Whether you were already planning a deployment for Teams or had your hand forced by COVID-19, good governance is crucial to properly understand what’s going on with your Microsoft Teams environment.

ThinkTel can work with you to conduct a Microsoft Teams health check that gives you a deeper understanding of how your organization is using Teams. We can show you what you’re doing right and uncover any potential security concerns, so you can address them quickly and minimize downtime.

Teams Adoption & Change Management

Do not underestimate the value of ongoing training to perfect Teams adoption and change management. ThinkTel has worked with hundreds of Canadian businesses and organizations, from school boards to municipalities to software firms, who needed help with their Microsoft Teams deployment. Many planned ahead, seeing the end of Skype for business looming on the horizon. Others felt they needed more time to adapt their staff to a true unified communication first approach. Our professional services team has helped customers address concerns and perfect deployment through specific workshops and training sessions adapted to the users. Workshops and training sessions offered include:

  • Corporate Communication Planning Teams Policies Review
  • OneDrive and SharePoint integration
  • Guest and External Access in Teams
  • Security and Compliance Concerns
  • Corporate Communication Planning
  • Rollout Strategy Planning Workshop
  • Adoption Change Management Workshop
  • End User Training Planning

Making the Most of Microsoft Teams Information Security

Information protection is built right into the fabric of Teams. All data is encrypted, and multi-factor authentication can be enforced to make sure your valuable corporate information is as safe as possible. Advanced eDiscovery and auditing features are also available. A health check can help you look at your deployment and see if any remediation actions can be planned to customize Microsoft Teams policies, Office 365 services integration, or guest and external Access configuration.

No matter the size of your organization, Microsoft Teams gives you enterprise-grade security and compliance features, if you understand how to make the most of them.

Final Words

At ThinkTel, our professional services team has helped thousands of customers leverage the ever-evolving Microsoft communication landscape. We have developed business-ready deployment plans to accelerate and perfect adoption of Microsoft Teams. We do what is right for your business, which means we look at what might be unique or different about your technology roadmap and customize a plan to help you succeed at every step. From a Teams proof of concept to premium support, we look at every opportunity to streamline your solution, maximize cost savings, and enable best in class unified communication. Talk with our experts to understand all the options available to you and make your voice journey a smooth one.

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