04th May 2011

Distributel Business Services becomes ThinkTel

Over the course of May 2011, Distributel Business Services will become known as ThinkTel, the biggest change in branding since the division’s founding in 1988. The entire Distributel Business Services team is extremely excited about this transition; it’s a story we’d like to share with you.

Why Thinktel?

ThinkTel was a dynamic telecom startup acquired by Distributel Communications Ltd. in September 2009. ThinkTel was and continues to be a thought leader in the SIP and hosted services space, the new focus for our business services team.

In the last few months, we conducted in-depth evaluation of the ThinkTel brand identity and what it means to our customers. ThinkTel’s new look and slogan “Agile by design” were the result of a series of customer and partner interviews conducted by a neutral third-party. ThinkTel was consistently described as flexible, cost-effective, and customer centric. After careful deliberation, the decision was made that Distributel would offer all of its business telecommunication services under the ThinkTel brand.

The ThinkTel brand represents what we believe in: crafting innovative solutions based on customer needs and delivering them with intelligence, integrity and heart.

What does this mean for me, as a Distributel Business Services customer?

Nothing but good things! This brand transition has invigorated our team with a new objective: we’re going to be the best provider you’ve ever had! We’re making significant changes in the way that we implement and support our solutions, to offer you the best possible customer experience. You’ll see additional communications about these changes in the coming months.

In your day-to-day interactions with us, you’ll start seeing the ThinkTel brand more and more, until Distributel Business Services is completely phased out. The materials that you receive from us will begin to bear the ThinkTel logo (invoices, notices and web portals). You’ll also notice that our signatures, voicemail messages, and phone systems will more broadly employ the ThinkTel name.

What will happen to the Distributel brand?

Distributel will remain the brand for all consumer services as well as the brand for our parent company : Distributel Communications Ltd. Distributel is still a brand that we’re very much committed to nurturing; it’s under the Distributel brand that we’re well on our way to becoming the leading independent Internet Service Provider in Canada.

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