Subaru Canada

Since their vehicles first made their Canadian market debut in 1976, Subaru Canada has positioned themselves as one of the more innovative automobile manufacturers in the country. With almost 90 authorized dealers from the West Coast to the Maritimes, Subaru Canada called upon ThinkTel to help them transition to a new SIP Trunk network without disrupting their operations.

The Challenge

Find a scalable communications solution for Subaru Canada

When Subaru Canada approached us, they had exceeded the capacity of their former Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system. As Subaru Canada continues to grow rapidly, we knew we they were in need of a scalable solution to allow them to communicate and collaborate more effectively without disrupting their operations.

The Objectives

Seamlessly transition the company to Microsoft Lync

After examining numerous system upgrade options, they noticed that the ideal communications system was right under their noses.

Since 2007, the company was using Microsoft Lync internally for conferencing and collaborations. They decided they wanted to fully transition to Lync for all their communications needs and wanted to partner with a Session Initiation Provider.

George Hamin, Director of eBusiness & Information Systems with Subaru Canada explains why the partnership with us began:

“ThinkTel was the only company [we] considered because we wanted an SIP Provider who was certified for Enterprise-Grade SIP Trunking to Lync. We felt that other SIP Providers presented a risk that we weren’t ready to take.”

The Solution

Deliver SIP Trunking directly to Microsoft Lync

According to Microsoft’s standards, ThinkTel is highly qualified to deliver SIP Trunking directly to Lync. As one of the longest running and most experienced SIP providers in Canada, we were able to seamlessly transition users over to Lync over several weeks. By July 2012, Subaru Canada had completely retired PBX and Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI) throughout their offices. Thanks to ThinkTel, all the company’s phone calls are placed using Lync and Voice over IP (VoIP).

Across the country, Subaru Canada was able to eliminate potential points of failure with our SIP Trunking for Lync. By establishing a direct connection with their mediation server without relying on an additional gateway, we came up with the ideal solution and delivered SIP Trunking directly to Microsoft Lync without disrupting Subaru Canada’s day-to-day operations.

The Results

Subaru Canada enjoys a transformative new business tool

After successfully transitioning Subaru Canada to Lync we were able to give the company an exciting new business tool that allows them to streamline communications. With Lync, Subaru Canada can connect internally with their people across the country. They are now privy to intuitive, real-time communication capabilities available on all devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones) and dealers, field staff and internal resources remain connected.

ThinkTel provided Subaru Canada with:

With our help transitioning to Lync, Subaru Canada’s communications efforts are now aligned allowing them to focus on the customer while reducing travel and operational costs.

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