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Give your office a speed boost with an affordable and reliable Internet connection by ThinkTel, one of Canada’s leading Tier 1 CLECs.

The ThinkTel Difference

Backed by one of the most reliable networks in Canada. Whether you just need a connection for your home office, or growing business, ThinkTel DSL Solutions provide you with reliable service for your business Internet.

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DSL 6 Unlimited

Designed for up to three users. Reliable for Point of Sale systems, email and web browsing.

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DSL 15 Unlimited

Designed for up to eight users. Ideal for cloud-based apps, VoIP & regular online activities.

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DSL 25 Unlimited

Designed for up to twelve users. Recommended for cloud-based apps, file transfers, VoIP & HD video conferencing.

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DSL 75 Unlimited

Designed for businesses with large bandwidth requirements. Best for high-speed web browsing, off-site data backup, and large file transfers.

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*All prices based on a 3-year term.


What is the difference between DSL and Cable Internet?

Both are types of Internet signals that are often referred to as broadband or High Speed Internet:

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line):
  • Delivers Internet directly through the copper phone wiring inside your home.

  • FTTN (Fiber to the node):
  • In some areas, we also offer FTTN which is deployed the same way, but is delivered via a fiber connection which allows for faster Internet speeds up to 50 Mbps. On our website we refer to all Internet service delivered over the telephone wires as DSL for simplicity.

  • Cable:
  • Transmits digital data over existing Coaxial cable television lines in your home.

Do I need an active phone line to sign up for DSL Internet?
  • No. There are two types of DSL and FTTN connections; “Regular” and “”Dry Loop”
  • Regular DSL requires an active phone line.
  • Dry Loop DSL is what is installed when an active landline does not exist.
  • For customers with landlines, no technician is required to go to the house.
  • “Dry Loop” DSL installations occur differently than Regular DSL. Depending on the previous provider, it is possible that the landline is no longer going into the demarcation point. For this reason, a technician is scheduled to test the line at your residence.
What are the system requirements?
  • Operating system: all versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux* released over the past fifteen years
  • Processor: 166 MHz and above
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Disk space: 30 MB
  • LAN card and Ethernet adapter
  • Video card
  • *Please note that while ThinkTel high-speed Internet will work on Linux, it is not supported by our Technical Support team.
Can I Connect More Than One Computer To My ThinkTel Internet Service?
  • You will be provided with a wireless gateway if you subscribe to any of our DSL rate plans.
  • ThinkTel modems have 4 RJ-45 Ethernet LAN ports.
Is there a data transfer limit?
  • Data transfer is only limited in cases if the usage contravenes our Terms and Conditions.

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