Move your Contact Center to the cloud and experience a highly reliable, secure, and full-featured solution that can be up and running in days, not months. By choosing a solution for your call center needs, we can help you become more responsive, informed, and deliver a positive customer experience.

Customizable call flows and exceptional QA features help ensure more efficient.

Voice, chat, and email queues combine into a single omni-channel.

Real-time customer insights speed agent-customer interactions.

Dynamic notifications extend reach while respecting audience preferences.

Deep historical reporting helps drive improved future interactions.

Advantages of Cloud Contact Center

Improve customer interactions no matter your business size and differentiate yourself from the competition where it matters most – the client experience. Our Cloud Contact Center solution enables you to:

  • Support multi-site call centers and remote agents
  • Centralize management from one portal, accessible anywhere, any time
  • Keep an eye on service levels, and analyze team performance by queue, team, or agent with real-time dashboards and historical reports
  • Easily manage customizable agent skillsets and statuses
  • Centralize the handling of calls, web chat, email, and SMS in a single application with our omnichannel capabilities
  • Enhance audience engagement with outbound dialing and advanced outreach campaign capabilities
  • Send out post-call surveys to measure satisfaction
  • Quickly and easily integrate with CRM and WFM systems
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership; monthly fees with no investment in hardware, software or maintenance.
Cloud Contact Centre Plans

Wondering which plan is best for your business? Choose one of three levels of CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service), with all the advantages of a cloud-based platform. Customize your client experience by choosing the features that are right for you.

Cloud Contact Center FAQS

What is the difference between call center software and contact center software?
Call center software helps you manage communications that are phone call based. Software for contact centers still helps you manage voice communications, but also supports multi-channel options like email, text chat, and web interfaces.
How can I ensure callers are reaching the right agents at the right time?
Total customizability in call flow ensures callers reach the right agents at the right time, while exceptional QA features deliver greater results.
What is skills-based routing?
Skills-based routing means the agent most suitable to take the inquiry is reached.
How do callbacks operate with a call center service?
After a period of time, queued callers can request a callback, and the next available agent will get their request. The system will wait to ensure the agent is ready before dialing – meaning better-prepared agents and interactions.
What is Preferred Agent Routing?
You can assign a certain agent to act as “point” on complex cases; with Preferred Agent Routing, calls and chats will be routed to an agent of your choosing.
How do dashboards and live monitoring improve user experience?
Our Dashboards help you monitor the platform in real-time, including wait times, service levels, and much more. Live Monitoring lets you tune into specific interactions - and even take control as needed.
How are Contact Center solutions ensuring customer-centric channels?
Contact Center rolls up voice, chat, and e-mail queues into a single, streamlined omni-channel experience.
How are queues managed with our Contact Center?
With ThinkTel Contact Center, you can forget the idea of a “queue” being only for voice calls. The Contact Center Agent (CCA) software, voice, chat, and e-mail interactions are all seamlessly integrated.
How does our Contact Center increase interactivity?
Build auto-attendants that perform any number of tasks, from common to complex. Extend the capabilities even further with custom API integration!
Can I custom auto-attendants with ThinkTel contact center solutions?
You can easily create custom auto-attendants and deploy advanced functions like variables, conditional logic, and much more. Contact Center puts amazing power at your fingertips via an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface. Plus, custom API integration delivers even greater functionality.
Are real-time insights provided with the contact center solution?
Real-time insights get agents into context quickly, helping to deliver more informed responses that shorten times to resolution. Plus, deep historical reporting helps improve future interactions.
What is featured in the customer journey?
The Customer Journey feature shows agents, right in their CCA view, the recent touchpoints for a given caller so they’re up to date on where the story stands and how they can more immediately and effectively address the situation.
I have unique needs. Am I able to get custom reports?
You can choose from hundreds of pre-built reports on call distribution, service level adherence, unanswered calls, post-call surveys, and so much more. Our Product specialists can also develop custom reports to best meet your unique needs.
How can I turn my contact center into an outreach powerhouse?
Turn your contact center into an outreach powerhouse. From simple appointment reminders to multi-channel marketing campaigns, Dynamic Notifications dramatically extends a company’s reach while still respecting customer preferences.

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