Dedicated Internet Access

High Speed connectivity for high speed business

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Circuits for Your Business

Think Access by ThinkTel offers Dedicated Internet Access, combining business grade, High Speed Internet connectivity with flexible, guaranteed bandwidth from a Tier 1 Business Services Provider.

Once deployed, Dedicated Internet Access can help position your business for growth in today’s fast paced world. It helps improve the ability to operate important applications, easily share information and enable transactions with performance and flexibility.


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Dedicated Bandwidth

ThinkTel routes traffic around congested public peering points to ensure the best possible performance and throughput. Guaranteed symmetrical service that is consistently fast and available, 24 hours a day.

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Robust SLA and Monitoring

ThinkTel Dedicated Internet Access circuits are backed by a robust SLA with carrier grade uptime and low latency. We provide 24x7 monitoring, as well as QoS.

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Extensive Coverage

ThinkTel has a national network backbone, with Data Centres and more than 100 Points of Presence across Canada. Our footprint allows us to terminate access circuits at a point closest to you, lowering latency and reducing your costs.


Dedicated Internet Access from ThinkTel is designed to grow with your business

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Unlimited usage

All ThinkTel Dedicated Access circuits come with Unlimited usage, so you will never be surprised by an overage charge, or need to manage usage.

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Proactive 24/7 Network Monitoring

ThinkTel Customer Care and Support are all locally provided, to assist with any matter that arises. With proactive 24 X7 Network monitoring, we have you covered.

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Flexible Bandwidth

Ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps, our pricing model allows for granular increases to a committed Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC) speed as traffic patterns dictate. By allowing for incremental increases in speed, customers can purchase only what is required and manage costs.

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Carrier Grade Hardware

ThinkTel uses carrier grade hardware on premises, ensuring the highest level of quality, flexibility and features. We manage pre-configuration of equipment, firmware updates, ongoing maintenance, vendor support and quick equipment replacement in the unlikely event of a failure.

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Managed Install

ThinkTel technicians will install monitoring device, test
and confirm installation of service and hand off on site.

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IP Address Allocations

An IP address included. Additional IP addresses available upon request.

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