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Managed Network Service

Managed Network Service

ThinkTel Managed Network Service is a fully managed solution that covers your networking needs without having to add IT resources. We work with you to help solve your ever-increasing networking and security challenges so that you can focus on your business. ThinkTel delivers proactive network monitoring and ensures the highest uptime availability to ensure stable management of your network infrastructure.

Managed Network Service enables your network deployments to be up and running quickly. You also benefit from the expertise and experience of our seasoned networking professionals to streamline your IT planning and implementation phases and leverage the latest networking technologies to ensure you operate at peak efficiency.

Why is a managed network the right choice for your business?

Proactive Monitoring

  • Built with network security as a foundation, not an afterthought
  • Proactive monitoring and management, identifies breaches of unauthorized connections
  • Allows customers to focus on their core business, without the worry of threats to their network, productivity and scalability


  • As-a-Service, pricing per seat with on-demand or menu-based network configurations enable you to scale deployments up or down in response to the growth of your enterprise
  • Ideal for growing small and medium-sized businesses and those with a distributed workforce
  • Hardware and the latest features can be added as your business grows


  • Best-in-class evergreen solution delivered by a trusted national managed services provider
  • Dedicated solution provider manages customers’ network and IT environment
  • Network upgrades and feature updates with minimal downtime

ThinkTel Managed Network Service includes

Worry-free management and security

  • Hardware: routers, switches, and refreshes
  • Wi-Fi access points
  • Managed deployment of the network
  • VPN client
  • Fiber connection (DIA)
  • LTE connection as backup (redundancy)
  • Real-time customer network dashboard
  • Ongoing network support, including monitoring, maintenance, and updates
  • Security: firewall, content filtering, packet inspection, and packet filtering
  • Security: setup and established monitoring

Who is Managed Network Service ideal for ?

  • You are opening an office with 25-75 employees
  • You need a network to run your business or support your organization
  • Network issues are multiplying over time, and your IT costs are out of control
  • You have no proactive monitoring
  • You have no VPN to connect your remote employees
  • Your security infrastructure is out of date, and you are worried about network hacks
  • You have no time to keep your network up to date (updates, patches, firewalls, etc.)
  • You wish to avoid the capital expenditures associated with buying, installing, and maintaining network hardware and software

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