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Real Time Media Assessment

Our Real Time Media Assessment solutions act as a network analyzer to determine the capability of your company’s Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure to support various business communication programs that include voice or video platforms such as Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Why it is time for a Network Assessment

Improved User Experience

Networks are typically built to offer a good web/application experience. Audio and video (real time media) can be impacted where regular internet usage is not.

Capacity Planning

Ensure that you always have enough network bandwidth to assess that your calls work properly even when you use video across many conference rooms.

Performance and Network Readiness

If your company is growing, you may need more employees. With more employees comes more traffic on your network. An expansion in the network will require a test to ensure that it is ready to take on more traffic.

Cost and Time Savings

Reduce the amount of time spent IT to a minimum. If the network is ready, it will allow IT to focus on other problems instead of keeping constant tabs on network quality.


We monitor various metrics that impact audio and video services to detect any network problems such as latency, jitter, and being at maximum capacity.


The assessment is done 24/7 over several days to ensure that we have a full understanding as to how your network will perform at peak capacity and under regular user loads.


A series of recommendations based on the assessment findings to optimize your network for Real Time Media (voice and video).



Begins with a one-time engagement for network analysis where a high-level assessment is completed to identify the most basic bandwidth usage issues.
Hardware and Software based.
OPTIONAL Ongoing Monitoring Device installed during one-time engagement stays in place to help you monitor your network to help you assess your network.
Scripted reporting tool which delivers monthly reports - automated

Real Time Media Assessment and Network Analyzer FAQS

What is a Real Time Media Assessment (RTMA)?
An assessment to determine a networks ability to meet Microsoft’s published thresholds for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business combine application and desktop sharing, collaboration, instant messaging & presence, audio, video and web conferencing into a single platform. Throughout the Real Time Media Assessment efforts, ThinkTel will evaluate and recommend measurable, obtainable, and meaningful performance standards. This assessment will provide a manageable criterion in which to evaluate the deployment’s ability to deliver quality services.
Are all Real Time Media Assessments the same?
ThinkTel’s approach for a Real Time Media Assessment leverages a physical micro appliance and network monitoring technologies to summarize on the following attributes per network path – Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss and Reordering, and VoIP Quality/Mean Opinion Score (MOS). ThinkTel’s RTMA report reviews all paths within scope and then highlights any path which requires investigation due to failures to meet Microsoft’s published thresholds for Microsoft Teams and/or Skype for Business.
How much does a Real Time Media Assessment cost?
RTMA costing is based on the number of locations Network paths withing scope of the RTMA. A quote can be provided by our professional services team at 1-866-92THINK (928-4465).
Why should I test my network for real time media?
Clients investing on Unified Communications platform will want to ensure the best possible experience for their end users as well as ensure their investment is performing as expected. Completion of an RTMA validates a networks ability to leverage Microsoft Teams and/or Skype for Business with voice and video with confidence.
How often should we be assessing or monitoring our network?
Each time significant changes are made to your network infrastructure; it is recommended to conduct a RTMA.
Will my network performance be affected by the RTMA?
The Real Time Media Assessment will run seamlessly in the background. The network performance and capacity monitoring have little to no impact on a client’s network. Any test which may have an impact on network performance is always scheduled at times when the client network has ample capacity.
What are the steps upon the RTMA report delivery?
From a project perspective a Real Time Media Assessment is completed in the following phases: 1. Kickoff of RTMA – Alignment of project stakeholders 2. RTMA design discussion - Firewall Rule Touchpoint 3. Device configuration and shipment of device(s) to location(s) 4. Device plug in and device visibility confirmation 5. Device troubleshooting (if required) – ThinkTel will provide documentation on any required firewall settings) 6. RTMA bandwidth and capacity gathering time period 7. RTMA report creation RTMA report delivery and review with client
What is the difference between jitter and packet loss?
Jitter is the variation in the delay of received packets. Probably the most obvious and common cause of jitter is simply an overcrowded network. If you have too many devices, all being used at the same time, this may be caused by limited capacity. Packet Loss occurs when one or more packets or data fails to travel from one end of the network to the other.
Why ThinkTel?
We will design the right solution, from training to deployment, to accelerate your technology adoption journey. From Unified Communications to Call Centre software deployments, thousands of customers trust ThinkTel to boost productivity and maximize end-user adoption. Ask us about our fully managed phone solutions like Hosted PBX or our Data Centre Colocation services.
How long will the RTMA take?
The RTMA requires 5 business days to complete its monitoring, ThinkTel then crafts the report over the next 5 business days. Post delivery of the RTMA report, ThinkTel schedules a meeting to review the document and answer any questions around the findings.
Who will be conducting the RTMA?
ThinkTel’s Professional Services team, composed of Data Centre engineers, SIP specialists, and telecom solution architects.

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