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Before You Begin Porting

What you need to have

Information required to Port

Thinktel will require the following information to ensure that we can successfully port your number with no delays. Contact Email address ā€“ All communications from the Thinktel Porting team are completed via email. We will keep you up to date as your port request is processed and completed. End Customer name ā€“ This is the name on the bill with your current provider End Customer Service address ā€“ This is the physical location that your current provider has for the service (It may be different than the billing address) All numbers currently on your account – we need to let your old provider know what to do with any numbers that will be left on your account with them. Disconnect them or leave them active.


How long will it take to port my number?
Most ports are completed in 5 business days, some areas do take longer to complete (up to 21 business days) our porting team will advise you of this and provide you with tentative and confirmed port dates as the order progresses.
Will there be downtime while my number is being ported?
We take all possible steps to avoid any downtime when your number is ported and test to ensure everything is working properly once it has been completed.
How many numbers can I submit on a port ticket?
There is no limit to the number of numbers you can submit on a port ticket. If you are sending more than 14 please use the Bulk Port Spreadsheet provided.
When do I need to submit multiple tickets?
All numbers on a ticket must have the same
  • Customer Name
  • Service Address
  • Rate Center
  • Current carrier
Iā€™m ready, go back to the porting form For more assistance please contact customer support at 1-866-928-4465 or email us. Additional fees may apply for rejected, cancelled or rescheduled ports.

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