04 Jul 2019
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The Pros and Cons of Using Your Personal Phone for Business

It used to be that if a business wanted you to be accessible remotely, they would provide you with a business-related phone. But since most of us have had personal mobile devices for some time, it raises the question of whether having two phones to deal with is beneficial or detrimental.

The answer to this is a definitive “it depends.”

From solopreneurs to teams

Having one phone can seem simpler – and requires fewer pockets – but questions around bill splitting, constant availability, and lack of professional boundaries can still cloud the mind. If you’ve ever received a text from a client on a Saturday night, you know exactly what we mean.

Having a single line for personal and business uses might work well for a remote solopreneur, but when your business starts employing multiple people, it could be time for a new business phone solution that works seamlessly for both employees and customers.

Business lines are no longer tied to your desk

We live in a world where mobility isn’t just probable, it’s almost always a given. Whether you’re a small business owner visiting clients, an enterprise with employees who are scattered across different cities or running between meetings and sales visits, the challenge of ‘reaching someone at their desk’ is an issue that every business faces. Adding a service that increases availability is a great way to leverage mobility in your business. By enabling convenient ways to reach employees, you provide consistent customer service and avoid missed opportunities, all while protecting employee privacy.

Hosted PBX and Unified Communications

Business VoIP on its own can help with smartphone apps and ‘softphones,’ but a more robust option is a Unified Communication platform that keeps business owners and entire teams connected no matter where they are via call hunting and redirecting.

We’re not talking about the old voicemail and single-focused landline redirect services you might have had in the past. Services like Hosted PBX   do more than just move your office’s private phone network to a cloud-based solution. In fact, it has over 50 features including the super adaptable, Find Me, Follow Me feature, which can also be used independently.

Hosted Voice solution packages can include Unified Communication features like instant messaging, video chat, coworker status, and voice-to-text transcription, all of which integrate across all your devices. Cloud based Voice solutions also include a full featured web portal that scales up as you grow and allows you to customize how your employees stay connected. All with zero equipment to install, maintain, or occupy space on-site.

The only question now is, why hasn’t your business migrated to a Hosted Voice solution sooner?

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