19 Jan 2021
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The Right Phone System Dashboard Makes Your Business Agile

When you’re overhauling your legacy phone system, a good dashboard for your phone system should be a key component of your decision-making. Your dashboard should be an administrative portal that allows you to easily set up, maintain, and understand your business’s phone system. 

As you might expect, cloud-based phone systems come with powerful administrative tools that offer everything you need to manage your phone usage. You can design your system, change things in real time, and see exactly how it is working—all within a browser window. 

Free & Flexible Phone System Design 

With a good dashboard, you’re free to design the phone system you want. You can buy all the extra capacity you need, assign numbers yourself, create unique communications strategies at the local, national, and international levels, deploy your newly-scaled networks exactly how you want them, and build your own version of unified communications to match your corporate vision. 

Real Time Configuration

A proper dashboard means never having to wait when you’re building things, pushing changes, or simply monitoring the system. That way you can make sure it’s working as intended. According to Kyle Rudolph, Information Services Lead at Ridgeback Resources, “It’s great because we can monitor adoption and usage in real-time with ThinkTel’s uControl. We can also confirm that we’re right-sized and only paying for what we use.”

Do you want the option of administering SureCallTM for all users? Do you want to customize your channel capacity and guarantee voice delivery with reactive bursting? Do you want to update addresses for users on the move? Create SIP trunks that are redundant because they can round robin to multiple endpoints? Customise SIP trunks with additional bindings or burstable channels? All this can be done instantly with the right dashboard—no waiting required. 

Monitor the Entire Phone System

No matter how large and complex your phone system becomes, a good dashboard means you’ll be able to monitor the whole thing from a browser window. What does that mean? You’ll be able to see a complete overview of your services and account status. You can see your invoices—all of them—and your account receivables on-demand. You can look at graphs and charts of your usage. You can download your call detail records, both current and historical. You can look at your calling rates, your phone usage, and any phone usage statistics you can think of. And you can control your security by restricting access to specific static IP addresses and ranges. 

Naheed Visram, a Team Lead of IT Infrastructure Services, Ridgeback Resources, calls this total visibility. He says: “ThinkTel uControl is one of the best dashboards I’ve used from a telecom provider. It gives total visibility and is very straightforward and easy to use. The first time I used it, I had no trouble navigating it and it felt like I had been using it for years.”

Not bad for something you can view from your browser. 

No More Barriers 

It’s your phone system, so you should have control. You should be able to look at your usage charts and statistics whenever you want without being charged for it. You should be able to download call detail records. You should be able to view your invoices. You should be able to add, delete, or change numbers without calling your provider. That’s the point of a good phone system dashboard. It should make deploying, managing, and understanding your phone system easy and instant—no calls to your provider required. 

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