06 May 2019
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The upside of a hosted VoIP calling solution

Whether you’re launching a new business, merging acquired companies, or streamlining costs, you might be overlooking the considerable upside of a Hosted private branch exchange (PBX) system. This post provides five reasons why you should switch to a Hosted PBX for your business calls.

Most business owners and IT professionals recognize the high cost of purchasing and maintaining legacy analog telephone systems as well as their limited flexibility and scalability. That’s why we won’t deal with the issue of VoIP versus analog in this post. Instead, we focus entirely on the win-win benefits of a Hosted PBX solution that a knowledgeable service provider can tailor easily to your unique business needs.  

Five reasons to choose a Hosted PBX solution for small, medium, and large organizations:
    1. Considerable cost savings
    2. Unbelievable flexibility
    3. Unmatched scalability
    4. Time recovery
    5. Full service support

Regardless of your role in your organization, most employees and business owners appreciate making a sound decision that delivers optimal benefits and mitigates future risk as effectively and efficiently as a Hosted PBX solution. For detailed-oriented decision makers still sitting on the fence, we offer you the following proof points to facilitate the procurement process and appease any concerns you may have about choosing a Hosted PBX solution over on-premises systems.

1) Avoiding high upfront costs for considerable costs savings

The available cost benefits of a Hosted PBX are two-fold –avoid the substantial upfront investment in purchasing a traditional analog phone system or on-premises PBX VoIP system. AND enjoy a predictable monthly pricing structure with significantly lower setup charges that works with your leaner business model.

Hosted solutions handle unlimited phone numbers and extensions virtually, at smaller incremental costs. Traditional analog systems cost much more to add phone lines by a local telephone company. On-premises PBX systems require space for the hardware to reside in your offices, typically in the IT server room. With rising lease rates of commercial real estate, the costs associated with on-premises quickly add up.

2) Manage inbound calls with unbelievable flexibility

Boost the productivity of your employees and adjust easily to changing market demand. Did you know that a Hosted PBX solution includes an array of advanced calling features? You can enable an automated attendant or virtual receptionist capable of greeting callers 24/7, routing calls to appropriate extensions, and providing business information, promotional messaging, and special offers.

Popular features like call forwarding, conferencing, and voicemail complement an easy system management that lets you add, move or remove extensions. Access to voicemail is also enhanced–providing user-friendly access online, by phone, and email.  

3) Future-proof your business with unmatched scalability

As market demand grows, so can your costs. Analog phone systems require substantial lead-time to respond to growing demand. And with every new phone line installed, your costs increase significantly. Hassles aside, a Hosted PBX solution eliminates any need for new lines to be installed or for support personnel to visit your premises. The power to add, move, and remove extensions is in your hands.

As new technologies emerge, the cost of upgrading your Hosted PBX solution is the responsibility of your service provider, not you. Your business benefits from the latest technology while also eliminating future risks associated with owning a legacy system.

4) Save valuable time for your IT team

As everyone experiences in life, hardware breaks down. Whether your business has an analog system or an on-premises PBX system, downtime means a loss of business, and a loss of time you and your employees could be spending more productively.

Just managing on-premises systems makes up part of your IT team’s daily tasks. Troubleshooting glitches or hardware malfunctions can take up even more valuable time that can be better spent on initiatives that grow your business.

Moving to a hosted service frees up your time and your IT team’s schedule so they can focus on implementing new digital processes that automate your operations, facilitate business operations, and expand your capabilities in the field.

5) Benefiting from full-service support

A Hosted PBX solution comes complete with hands-on support for your service provider–and that’s a comforting thought for many decision makers.

With a simpler installation process and the right service provider, customers quickly see the benefits of full-service support. As software and hardware components of a Hosted PBX reside in the cloud and offsite, modifications can be made remotely, without onsite visits, quicker and more efficiently than any on-premises system.

In today’s modern threat landscape, security is top-of-mind for many organizations. Legacy systems don’t offer a security measures, while cloud-based, Hosted PBX solutions provide state-of-the-art managed security, yet another problem handled by your service provider.

Hosted PBX solution made easy

The flexibility, scalability, support, low maintenance, and significant cost savings of Hosted PBX solutions let businesses of all sizes focus on their core competencies, not their phone system. The time to move to a hosted solution has arrived.

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