01 May 2020
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Top 10 Benefits of a Cloud Contact Centre Solution

Most call centres are large buildings full of agents, but they don’t have to be. By using a cloud contact centre, your agents don’t have to be in the same room—or even in the same building, same city, same province, or even the same country. Agents can work remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, but customers are none the wiser. They still get the same seamless experience with greetings, menus, self-service options, and call routing, but the agents can be anywhere. This is a simple idea, but one with numerous benefits. 

Speed & Simplicity of Deployment

Setting up a cloud call centre is no more complex than downloading an app. It can be done in a few minutes, and the software starts functioning immediately. Right away, you can have basic queues, call recording, reporting, and monitoring. All your agents need is their laptops and internet access. Compare that with an onsite call centre, which involves configuring hardware, setting up workstations, and organizing literal miles of wire, and the benefits of a cloud call centre are obvious. 

Phone System Agnostic

Agents can log into a cloud call centre with any 10-digit phone number. Whether they prefer using a desk phone or cell phone, that’s fine. You just give them a soft client, cell phone, or home phone, and they can use these to access the cloud call centre.

Connectivity Options

If you want agents accessing the cloud call centre via browser, you can set it up that way. If you prefer they use a desktop application, you can do that too. 

Decentralized Infrastructure

There are many reasons to decentralize your call centre infrastructure. Agents can be spread out over multiple time zones, offering your customers better round-the-clock access. And by having agents in multiple cities, your business is better disaster proofed. If an onsite call centre in Winnipeg is shut down by flooding, the customers who need that call centre are out of luck. But a business with employees across the country doesn’t have that problem. 

Decentralized infrastructure means that not only are you saving on the costs associated with an onsite call centre, such as the building, workstations, and great lengths of cable, you are also insulated from certain types of crises. In the past decade, Canada has faced ice storms, wildfires, floods, major power outages, and pandemics. Decentralization can diffuse some of these risks. Even if your physical business must close for some reason, your call centre can remain operational to help your customers. 

Agents Remain Prepared

Agents working at a cloud call centre can take calls (or chats, emails, and SMSs) no matter their location. This means the operator of a cloud call centre can open a wide recruiting net. Also, remote work is a powerful incentive for potential employees who like working from home. Of course, they don’t have to be at home—just anywhere with an internet connection. 

Handle Increased Call Volumes Easily

Cloud call centres come with queue capacity. That way, you can service more customers when faced with an unexpected jump in demand. 

Flexibility When Hiring

If your workforce needs to expand or contract due to seasonal changes in business or demand, your call centre can provide that flexibility. Cloud call centres are easy to scale on short notice. You can add or remove agents by simply adjusting a toggle on the admin dashboard. 

Simple Use

Of course, flexible hiring is aided by the simplicity of use you get with cloud call centres. The software has a unified, intuitive, and modern interface, helping you expedite onboarding and training. 

Telagents / Scheduled Telagents

A cloud call centre gives you the ability to log agents into the contact centre without the agent application. This means your agents can log in with cell phones, or you can log in agents who can’t access a desktop. Managers can also create a schedule for the agents and log them in proactively during certain times.

Real-Time Survey Performance 

You can have immediate analytics and performance feedback with a cloud call centre. You can decide what KPIs you wish to monitor and monitor them live. How is your team doing? A glance at the dashboard can tell you right away. 

The Last Word

A cloud call centre gives your customers an excellent experience while giving your agents the flexibility to work remotely. Meanwhile, you get the benefits of extraordinary flexibility, decentralized infrastructure, and immediate feedback. With powerful incentives like these, why stick with an onsite call centre?

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