28 Feb 2023
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What to Look for in a Dedicated Access Service Provider

Imagine your morning commute. You share the highway with other cars, buses, trucks, and all kinds of people on their way to separate destinations. Sure, the highway says you can go 80 km/h, but you frequently can’t go that fast—because you’re sharing. That’s sort of how broadband works. You’re connected with the wider internet, but lots of other people are on the connection too, each going their own way.

Now imagine your company had its own private highway. No other cars, just you and your co-workers free to hit that 80 km/h because you aren’t sharing with everyone else. That’s kind of how a dedicated internet access (DIA) connection works. You aren’t sharing, so you can go as fast as advertised.

Dedicated, Symmetric, & Guaranteed Bandwidth

A DIA connection has throughput guarantee that doesn’t exist with broadband. You can count on getting the full amount of bandwidth that you subscribe to. When you have guaranteed bandwidth, you may budget for peak bandwidth demand and buy bandwidth to suit business needs. Additionally, a number of DIA providers provide more reliable service delivery architecture and redundancy, and they generally engineer for high availability.

Your peak upload speed will probably be substantially lower with broadband connections, even though your highest download speed may be 100Mbps. With DIA, you get a symmetrical connection where your upload speed and download speed are the same. Fast upload is crucial for businesses that conduct operations such as video calls, VoIP/UCaaS conversations, or massive file transfers.

Ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, ThinkTel’s pricing model allows for granular increases to a committed Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC) speed as traffic patterns dictate. By allowing for incremental increases in speed, customers can purchase only what is required and manage costs. ThinkTel routes traffic around congested public peering points to ensure the best possible performance and throughput, guaranteeing symmetrical service that is consistently fast and available, 24 hours a day.

Productivity & Availability

Cloud-based applications depend on stable internet connections. Choosing DIA will deliver more reliable cloud-based application performance. So-called peak times for internet usage won’t affect you because you aren’t sharing your connection with the internet’s rush hour. Remote desktop connections will perform better when using dedicated internet access because, again, your remote workers won’t be using a connection shared with the wider world. The cost of switching to DIA may be worth it for increased productivity and potential revenue gains. Productivity is a key factor to look for when choosing a DIA service provider, and ThinkTel can offer that to your business.

Network Security

Among other factors, security is one of the most important, so be sure the option you choose has thorough network security. DIA is frequently used by businesses that deal with sensitive data for enhanced protection.

Let’s return to the highway metaphor. If you’re worried about the security of your car on the highway, you need to worry about the threat every other driver might pose—are they distracted, bad at driving, or overly aggressive? But when you aren’t sharing your private highway with everyone else, there are fewer cars to worry about, so you can concentrate on the few that are there. In the same way, a DIA network connection is kept distinct from other connections, which improves overall security.

And here’s another thing: if you’re on a shared highway, you need to worry about the safety of the road itself. Potholes, closures, roadblocks—on a public highway, you don’t just worry about the security of your car, you worry about the security of the highway itself. But on a private highway, you have less to worry about. In the same way, your DIA provider takes care of the security on your private connection. You will have more time to concentrate on enhancing your own security because you won’t be as worried about other networks (i.e., other parts of public connections) being attacked.

Robust Service Level Agreements (SLA) & Support

The service level agreement (SLA) for an ISP will normally provide objectives for network uptime, latency, packet loss, and occasionally jitter. If the ISP violates its SLA, you are guaranteed “service credits” as compensation, which varies from carrier to carrier.

ThinkTel Dedicated Internet Access circuits are backed by a robust SLA with carrier-grade uptime and low latency.

ThinkTel Customer Care and Support is based in Canada, ready to assist with any matter that arises in a time effective manner 24/7.

Reliable & Quality Connection

To maintain business continuity, having a dependable DIA connection on hand at the office is crucial for remote and hybrid employees who encounter outages—or delayed connectivity—from internet providers. Do you remember the sight of crowded coffee shops last summer when a big internet outage hit? With a dedicated internet connection, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always have access to a reliable connection.

ThinkTel uses carrier-grade hardware on premises, ensuring the highest level of quality, flexibility, and features. We manage pre-configuration of equipment, firmware updates, ongoing maintenance, vendor support, and quick equipment replacement in the unlikely event of a failure.

ThinkTel technicians will install, test, and confirm installation of service and hand off on-site.

Extensive Coverage

ThinkTel has a national network backbone with points of presence across Canada. A provider with an extensive footprint allows you the benefit to terminate access circuits at a point closest to you, lowering latency and reducing costs.


It is possible to get exceptional service at an affordable price. Telecom providers may be willing to negotiate their prices, so make the most of this opportunity. Since competition is stiff in the market, it would not be too hard to get a service provider with favourable rates.

All ThinkTel dedicated access circuits come with unlimited usage, so you will never be surprised by an overage charge or need to manage usage.

Final Words

ThinkTel offers dedicated internet access, combining business-grade, high-speed internet connectivity with flexible, guaranteed bandwidth from a tier 1 business services provider.

Once deployed, DIA can help position your business for growth in today’s fast-paced world. It helps improve the ability to operate important applications, easily share information, and enable transactions with performance and flexibility. Dedicated internet access from ThinkTel is designed to grow with your business.

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